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Hello - I'm Rita and !'m an amateur, but enthusiastic, gardener. I do, though, have RHS Levels 1 & 2 Certificates. It's good to see you here as you also must enjoy all that gardening implies - well, maybe not everything!

I also enjoy, and believe it is very important, to sit back now and again and relax. Take in what you see, smell, hear. All that you do has an effect on your garden, however small a job it may have been. It's also good to sup the odd chilled white whilst doing so!

The objective of this site is to prompt, remind, encourage and, where I can, advise. I am not a professional gardener and all I've learned has been gleaned from an early age from Great Grand Parents, Grand Parents, Parents, Friends and Trial & Error ... and still learning! An RHS gardening course at Waterperry in South Oxfordshire was enjoyable, interesting and helpful.

Each month, I'll post up jobs that apply to that month. I may not include everything that needs to be done, but will try to give guidance as clearly as I can. I will also include some simple recipes that use your harvest from the veggie plot and fruit trees & bushes - and a few others that don't!

Using the bar at the top of this page, hover over Gardening then select the month required from the drop-down list. Similarly for Recipes. Over time, I'm hoping to add to each month with new information, pictures, etc. However, each month, I'll move the previous year's information over to Archive and list under subject matter. This will then free up each month so you don't have to trawl through stuff already read, but all information will still be available.

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