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Good structure will help your garden flow and be pleasing to the eye wherever you're looking.

Using Evergreen Plants

Whatever the size of garden, planting up evergreen shrubs of different shapes and sizes and varying hues of green not only help determine other plants to use, whether perennial or annual, but also maintain an interest during the winter months when deciduous plants have lost their leaves

Tall, slender evergreen plants can be used as 'room' dividers creating mystique and illusion. Lower hedging helps to separate one theme from another, but allowing the garden as a whole to be visible.

Use low growing hedging like buxus or euonymus at the front of a border with plants such as geranium (cranesbill) behind to allow that plant to flow across the top and away from the grass lawn.

New Trees and Shrubs

When planting new trees and large bushes, take into account neighbouring greenery that is, in effect, a part of your vista. 'Borrow' those trees and shrubs to become a part of your garden structure.

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