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Annual  Plants

In late April early May, providing no danger of frost, plant out summer annuals that have been grown from seed or arrived from the nursery. Swathes of annuals can be very effective in perennial and shrub beds and, of course, look quite stunning in large groups of pots of varying sizes. Hanging baskets seem to be a bit of a past thing, but one or two strategically placed can still have impact. Don’t go overboard with the fertilizer though as it is preferable for many blooms rather than many green leaves! Do, though, give spent daffodils, tulips and other spring bulbs a good dose to add nutrients to the resting bulbs ready for next year.

Plant summer annuals in groups and blocks, rather than straight rows, or scatter throughout a perennial bed. Pinching out the growing tips will encourage bushier plants and regular deadheading will promote fresh blooms. In really dry weather, a good watering in the evening will help maintain their lushness and, every now and again, give them a dose of liquid fertiliser.  As always, though, try not to over-water.

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