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Pests & Diseases

Pruning Roses

Try not to prune during wet weather as silver leaf spores are more prevalent in damp air conditions and will be attracted by a wound such as after pruning as entry into the branch wood.

Box Moth

Between the months of April and October, the box moth is busy laying her eggs that culminate in voracious caterpillars looking for food. Box is their favourite!  The egg laying is cyclical as the resultant moths tend to return to where they were laid.

The moth covers the larvae in a white, weblike, casing and, once they hatch, they'll gobble their way through box leaves like crazy - you can actually hear them chomping!

The only sure fire way of reducing damage to the plant is to pick them off and dispose, but I have used BugClear Ultra 2 that has helped.

For the future, if I lose any of my box totally, I'll replace with ilex!

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